About Us

About Us

Mare Sea Cleaning Services

Mare Sea Cleaning Services was founded in 2006 by a team, which has been in the industry of oil and chemical spill cleaning in Turkey and around the world for many years. This elite team started Mare Sea Cleaning Services with the courage and experience of Operations since 1979 in order to serve Turkish Maritime better. Mare and the sister salvage company have more than50 operations in the last 10 years, converting their group oil spill response experience of 40 years to successful operations.

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'Experience, Preparation and Mobilization, Equipment, Collaboration'

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Why Mare

“An effective fight against marine pollution requires broad thinking and being prepared for any situation.”


“Mare’s most significant difference is to employ most experienced technical managers, divers, technicians, operators, supervisors and workers, who have worked fort his industry for long years.”

Preparation and Mobilization

“Oil spills can occur anytime, anywhere with different types and different amounts. All threats have been given due consideration and ‘RAPID MOBILIZATION and EFFECTIVE RESPONSE PLANS’ have been prepared accordingly”


“An approach has been adapted that envisages ‘COOPERATION IN EACH CONDITION’ with an understanding that the sea oil accidents may ocur at any point in a wide geographical area at any moment. This understanding holds thought-provoking and constantly updated action plans because successis hidden in the cooperation of success in major oil incidents.”

Emergency Response and Emergency Supply

“Our plan for ‘EMERGENCY RESPONSE AND URGENT PROCUREMENT’ is designing equipment and combine this with fast mobilization of local possibilities along with stocking the maximum amount of equipment and materials supplied and designed taking into account the various environmental, marine and meteorological conditions.”

Importance of Location

MARE is always ready to respond, as the geostrategic location of our country, the susceptibility of thousands of miles of shores, the vulnerability of the straits and touristic areas, and increasing vessel traffic and the uncertainty of when and where requires all capabilities to be in place.”

Successful Result

“As MARE, we have applied fast and effective intervention methods in order that the parties come out with the least damage in all the oil spill cases that we responded so far. In a short period of time we have achieved successful results in short periods of time and have tried to avoid any of the parties suffering extra losses.”