About Us

Our Mission

Mare Sea Cleaning Services Inc. rapid and effective intervention in the pollution caused by oil and other harmful substances in national and international waters.

MARE, whose primary goal is human health, environment, safety and security, provides reliable and service-oriented solutions both locally and abroad with the knowledge, experience and experience gained thanks to the operations that it has realized so far.

MARE aims to provide the right product at the right time to understand and respond to customers' needs and expectations in the best possible way with the myriad of operations they undertake and the minimum damage and maximum benefit principle in operations.

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Equipment manufactured by MARE in its own facilities is produced with innovative and new technology and it is recommended to use according to any emergency situation.

MARE aims to create awareness through the changing and developing training and exercises by drawing attention to the pollution of the sea and the environment at the same time, and to form this awareness in all training participants.

Our Vision

Defending the need to be vigilant and prepared for a livable environment and clean marine pollution, MARE aims to reach a different geography by taking the foundations of being a respected and leading global company.

MARE, which is a leader in the sector that is reliable, innovative, and principled in its principles, protects the values ​​it possesses and aims to leave healthy and clean seas proudly with the future generations.

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