Experience, Preparation and Mobilization, Equipment, Collaboration


Emergency Response

MARE has shown the necessary sensitivity to comply with the issues that concern us from the new laws in the maritime industry, for which Mare has been serving for more than 40 years as a group of Omur in marine industry.

Offshore & Onshore Response

MARE provides emergency response service to all types of marine pollution in the Turkish and international waters, as well as pollution of land-based tankers, containers, and highways.

OSR Risk Assessment

As MARE, we particularly emphasize to our contracted shore facilities, the main guidance points for these dangerous and difficult intervention operations with useful emergency response plans that we have prepared using our experience and know-how from the field.

Training & Exercises

The training content prepared within the scope of the legislation is enriched with the presentations and videos of the actual pollution response events compiled from our own operations.

Wreck Removal

Fuel oil, lubrication oil, bilge and other pollutants on board ships and wrecks that are sunken or grounded condition are easily discharged by the experienced crew and divers of MARE.

Diving & Underwater Services

In addition to oil spill response services, MARE also serves the maritime industry with its experienced underwater professional crew with professional diver licences from the International ADAS organisation and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Storage Tank Cleaning

MARE has accumulated experience and experience by responding marine oil spill events for many years and used this experience for the relevant shore operations such industrial tank cleaning, container handling, response to road tanker accidents.

Industrial & Vessel Tank Cleaning

MARE carries out industrial tank cleaning work by its own specialist response team. When required, it performs discharge of bottom oil, bottom water of fuel oil, engine and oil tanks, all tank washing and tank conversion works.

OSR Equipment Production & Sales

We test the quality of the products we produce and represent as MARE during our own operations and present them to you, our valuable customers.

R & D and Publications

Mare defends that how much importance and necessity of rapid and effective response in marine/land pollution.